Student VISA


GIEC Study Abroad is working closely with all respective visas departments. The following are the factor we evaluate before starting the process:

The student must be able to show that he has been
accepted on a course of study at:

  • A publicly funded institution of further or higher education (e.g. a university)
  • A private-education institution
  • An independent fee paying school.

The student is going to pursue:

  • A recognized full-time degree course
  • A weekday full-time course involving at least 15 hours organized daytime study per week
  • A full-time course of study at an independent fee paying school.

The student who is planning to study abroad must also:

Be able to pay for his course and support an accommodation overseas for himself and any dependants without working or without help from public funds


In order to secure a non-immigrant student visa, you have to establish the following facts.

  • Good Academic Record
  • Roots to Pakistan
  • Good Financial Standing
  • Good Immigration History (if any)
  • Compatibility of the University Chosen
  • Use Parents as sponsors to study overseas as if you are using other rather than parents as sponsors give good reasons why they are sponsoring you.
  • Avoid bringing your relatives in the chosen country into the picture either as sponsor or the people who have motivated you to go to the abroad for education.
  • Your reasons for coming back to Pakistan after completing you studies as far as possible should not be sentimental or emotional reasons.


GIEC Study Abroad gives you an impeccable educational assistance as well as visa counseling to study overseas. Your application with all the required documents and visa fee will be accepted and put up for decision to an Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) from the nearest visa issuing centre of respective Embassy. The Embassy aims to make decisions on visa applications within standard time, although this may take slightly longer during the busy periods. It is therefore, important to apply as early as you can. If an interview is required then the application process will take longer and you are therefore advised to apply for your visa at least 2 month before your course commences, but preferably earlier.

If your application is fully prepared, and accompanied by relevant documentary evidence of your circumstances, you may be issued a visa without an interview.

The final decision on whether you would require an interview or not will be taken by an Entry Clearance Officer at the respective Embassy, no one else can make this decision. However, generally students may not require an interview (subject to changes in visa regulations for different countries)


Students enrolled on a course for 12 months may be required to undergo a medical examination before leaving for desire country. This may vary depending on the country you are going to.

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Applicants must make an appointment and attend in person to submit their visa application and biometric data at one of the visa application centres.

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